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We will diagnose and repair your exhaust system

At Abbotsinch Tyres and Exhausts we have the expertise to diagnose and repair your exhaust system from end to end.

A well maintained exhaust is required for your MOT test

Your vehicles exhaust system is made up from several different components:

  • oxygen sensor
  • catalytic converter
  • muffler
  • exhaust pipe

Corrosion from rust , causing holes, is the main cause of problems for your exhaust system. This is made worse when your car is used mainly for short journeys and when the roads are salted in the winter.

A poorly maintained exhaust system can result in reduced mileage per gallon of fuel, noise and potentially dangerous fumes entering the passenger compartment.

Environmentally friendly

We recycle all used batteries, tyres and exhaust components – protecting the environment and reclaiming useful materials for new manufacture.

Leading Manufacturers

We only fit exhausts, exhaust components and catalysts from Bosal, Timax and other leading manufacturers – ensuring that you receive a top quality product. In addition all of our exhausts come with a one or two year guarantee.

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